Active Home Vista is the ´control center´ of your home automation system. You can control all your devices, program the X10 interface and receive updates from the X10 interface to see what´s going on X10-wise.
Dusk & dawn timers are supported. The limited EEPROM of the interface is used in an efficient way to store as many timers & macros as possible. Also DST support is present. For a number of X10 devices a program wizard is available.

The program supports text to speech & speech recognition. Besides that it´s possible to use the program within your own scripts using a simple command line interface. With version 2.0.0 also a web server is integrated, so your X10 devices can be controlled from virtually everywhere.

Last but not least the program can serve as server for multiple network clients (including a client running on Android).

You´ll need a computer, a free serial port (or USB) and a X10 interface to do anything useful.

The following interfaces are supported:

You can download the latest Active Home Vista version for Windows here.

Note that the automatic upgrade feature has some issues on Windows 7 and newer. Checking for updates works fine, installing them automatically might fail. In that case please download and install the file manually.

In order to use it with the CM15A interface, the ActiveHome Pro SDK is needed (if you don't have the ActiveHome Pro software installed). This SDK can be downloaded from the Google+ Active Home Vista community (see below).

New: there's also an Android client available! You can find it in the Android Market on your phone, tablet or Google TV. Just search for 'X10' or 'Active Home Vista' and you'll find it.

Or you can download the latest version (R2.5) for Android here.

There's now also a BlackBerry client available! You can find it in the BlackBerry World.

Or you can download the latest version (R2.5) for BlackBerry here.

Here you can join the Google+ Active Home Vista community.

In order to let clients (like the Android app) connect to your Active Home Vista server, make sure you forward TCP port 10101 to the PC the server is running on.

Some screenshots to give you an idea:

Main screen Settings screen Settings screen

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